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June 21, 2022 3 min read

Work with your fluffy friends!

Dogs have been man’s best friend far back into pre-history when they became domesticated by choosing to live and work alongside mankind. From the very beginning, they worked alongside us, hunting, tracking, and even keeping us safe at night by growling and barking when danger reared its ugly head.

In modern-day, this relationship has been forgotten, and the poor pooch is now left to sit at home while we go about our daily business. Take Your Dog To Work Day is set to change this old policy back again, and bring the happy puppy back into our daily work lives.

Imagine your dream job. It may include perks like a fully stocked kitchen, cold brew on tap, social activities, an Insta-worthy lounge... and of course, the best of all, it's dog-friendly. Not only is taking your number one fluff to work such a treat, but it also provides adorable photo apps throughout the day. When it's time to bring your furry friend into the office, don't forget to pack some and take your dog to work captions as well. Pet dogs in an office can be a very positive experience in the working environment for both workers and the dogs!

It’s important however to ensure this does not adversely impact the health, welfare, or working environment of employees, volunteers, or visitors to the office, or on the health and welfare of the animal or other animals in the office.


Before taking your dog to work:

  • Check with your office to see if bringing your dog to work is appropriate and allowed. Some work environments may not be appropriate or safe for dogs.
  • Check if anyone at your workplace is allergic to dogs and discuss with them if bringing your dog to work would adversely impact their health. 
  • Consult with your workplace about associated policies and requirements.
  • Ensure your dog is currently healthy so they don’t potentially spread any infections.
  • Ensure your dog is identified (including by microchip and that your contact details are up to date on the microchip register) and up to date with their vaccinations.
  • Dogs should be socialized with other dogs and people.
  • Dogs should be trained using reward-based positive reinforcement.
  • Ensure the office environment is safe for pets. Cables, cords, and rubbish bins can be hazardous for pets, so ensure dogs in the office can’t access these.
  • Supervise your dog and make sure it won’t be able to escape and get lost by accident.

Bringing your favorite dog to work can be said to be the happiest thing in the world, and it will be even more perfect if you pair it with custom sports jerseys printed with the picture of your dog. We have thousands of designs and colors, and you can easily add your name, number & logo.

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