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July 08, 2022 3 min read

National Video Game Day

Today is National Video Game Day, but many don't really know what that means, or what the best way to celebrate this oddball holiday is.

How to Celebrate National Video Game Day

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The calendar responsible for creating National Video Game Day claims that the holiday is "a day for kids of all ages who enjoy playing video games to celebrate the fun they have while playing them." If that isn't straightforward enough, then nothing is. Essentially, the best way to celebrate National Video Game Day is to play video games, which is something that most people had probably already pieced together. While the usage of the word "kids" may be off-putting to some, others would argue that everyone's a kid at heart. With that in mind, some people celebrate the holiday in unique ways.

National Video Game Day is trending on Twitter, and briefly scrolling through the plethora of tweets reveals many ways that people are celebrating. The most popular seems to be sharing what everyone’s favorite game is, which in turn invites discussion about that title or titles like it. Others are taking the opportunity to share video game memes, and yet more share their first or most influential experience with video games. Another wholesome tag is #ThanksToVideoGames, in which people share life lessons or events which they contribute to video games. One user even shares their Animal Crossing wedding, attributing finding the love of their life to the medium.

Why Does National Video Game Day Matter?

Ultimately, video games bring people together. Online multiplayer games have been the primary method of getting social interaction for many during these times of self-isolation, and even single-player games allow people to share emotional experiences. While in the grand scheme of things National Video Game Day may seem phony or inconsequential, it represents something much greater than that and offers a slight reprieve from the harsh realities of the world now. At any rate, happy National Video Game Day!

Even though video games often get a bad rap because children play them so much, several benefits are associated with video games. Did you know that they can be good for you? Of course, not all of the games on the market today provide educational value, yet some involve teamwork and problem-solving, and they have been shown to enhance the gray matter in your brain, ultimately growing it. By playing video games, you can increase the number of different skills, ranging from communication skills to problem-solving.

The benefits do not end there when it comes to video games either. Video games can also increase happiness. After all, they provide a lot of fun. However, it is more than that. Recent studies have shown that adults who play video games are more relaxed and less stressed when compared with those who do not. Plus, the rush that you get when you complete a level that was difficult to overcome is a great feeling.

It does not matter whether you are a video game fanatic or you are someone who barely plays video games, National Video Games Day provides you with the opportunity to embrace this form of fun. You can binge on old-school games, try out new games, or complete a level that has been bugging you for quite some time! It is completely up to you, and no one is going to tell you that you’re having too much screen time. After all, there are no rules when it comes to National Video Games Day, right?

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