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Custom Graffiti Pattern Black-Old Gold Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom Pink Pink-Black Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom Black Black Old Gold-Red Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom White Royal-Red American Flag Fashion Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom Figure Black-White Flame Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom Pink White Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom White Navy Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
Custom Figure White-Pink Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey
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Custom Graffiti Pattern White-Light Blue Sublimation Soccer Uniform Jersey

Custom White Royal-Red American Flag Fashion Round Neck Sublimation Basketball Suit Jersey
Custom Gold Aqua-White 3D Pattern Design Religion Authentic Basketball Jersey
Custom Neon Pink Black-Purple 3D Pattern Design Halftone Gradient Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey
Custom White Kelly Green-Black 3D Pattern Design Geometric Shapes Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey
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Custom Black Red-White Halftone Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey
Custom Black Light Blue-White Halftone Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey
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Custom Black Gold-White Halftone Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey
Custom Black Neon Green-White Halftone Authentic City Edition Basketball Jersey

August 12, 2022 4 min read

Excellence In Every Stitch

Embroidery is the most professional way to imprint your logo on garments and other items. Of all the customization methods, it’s the most durable–and refined. Custom logo embroidery provides legitimacy to company shirts, added value to branded merch, and prestige to uniforms.

To get the best results from embroidery, design with the limitations of this decoration method in mind, whether you’re adjusting your current logo or creating a new look. We put together this brief guide to help you learn the best way to design a logo for embroidery.

Understanding the basics of the embroidery process will give you a better chance at success. Here’s an overview of the steps involved in customizing apparel with embroidery.

 What is Embroidery?

 You're already familiar with embroidery—even if you had never realized it. Simply put, the definition of embroidery is the art of applying decorative designs onto fabric using a needle. These motifs are traditionally rendered in thread and are composed of different kinds of stitches.

 Embroidery is ‌the decorating of fabric using thread that is sewn directly into the fabric of a garment or other item. The result is unique, eye-catching customization that is part of the item itself. Some of the most popular items for embroidery are sports jerseys, polo shirts, caps and beanies and workwear.

 Embroidery has been used to decorate clothing for thousands of years. Modern production techniques like ours involve optimizing digital artwork, creating custom stitch patterns, and loading the files into automated, rapid-fire machines to produce amazing results at a high volume and fast turnaround time.

Steps in the custom embroidery process

It starts with a quality design from you and follows through a series of steps requiring knowledge and experience to make the right design choices. For most jobs, the process goes like this:

  • Logo design – Everything starts with your design. You can upload your own design to us and we can also help you with the logo design. Any idea about the logo, you can communicate with us
  • Garment selection – Choose the garments and other items you would like to embroider. These selections will help determine your design size and colors.
  • File upload – The best file formats for embroidery are vector files (EPS, AI, or CDR). Otherwise, use a high-resolution bitmap file (PSD, PNG, JPG, JEPG).
  • Logo design proof – Check carefully to make sure the colors, sizing, and information is correct. Once you approve your proof, the production process begins.
  • Digitization – Your artwork is “digitized”, creating a DST file containing the custom stitch patterns which ‌the machines read and work from.
  • Embroidery production – Each item is hand-loaded and monitored as the machines sew the stitches. Afterward, any stray threads are meticulously removed.

Logo design for embroidery

Various factors go into how a finished product will look, from your logo design to the product to the production process. Carefully considering each of these factors will ensure that your embroidered logo communicates your message–and looks outstanding.

Here are 5 benefits of embroidery designs for you.

Versatile Embroidery Options

While many people associate embroidery with polo shirts, there are many ways that you can use embroidery to customize products at your business. If you want to embroider your logo, you can place it on things like polo shirts, jackets, and more. For giving people an easy way to carry things on the go, you can embroider a tote bag. For something unique that can be used around the house every day, consider embroidering blankets, towels, bathrobes, and more. If you aren’t sure whether embroidery could be used on your products, reach out to Curry Printing to share more about your vision.

Uniqueness and Versatile

Embroidery designs have become very popular because of their uniqueness. You can instruct the Custom Embroidery expert in Arlington for making the unique design you choose. Apart from that, embroidery is very versatile. This technique is not only ideal for t-shirts, but it can also be used to create a design on caps and trousers. Embroidered apparels are unique and long-lasting. They have a higher value in the market.


Embroidery designs are very durable as compared to other designs. Embroidered Designs cannot be discolored. They can bear high temperatures and resist heavy laundering. Embroidered apparels are easily washable and embroidery stitching is comparatively tough, so the designs never get damaged by natural wear and tear. If you are looking for apparel with high durability, then the embroidered apparel is perfect for you.

Make a Professional Impression

Embroidered products are highly professional and make a fantastic impression. Because we use professional machines and technology, you can rest easy that the gifts you give out will look polished and high-quality. We can complete color-matching before we start working on your custom project, so your branding will be perfectly captured. We can embroider many different types of fabric and items, including things that are typically challenging to embroider, like denim or fleece.

Quality and Variety

Last but not the least, the embroidered design can produce a very good impression, and offer a professional appearance to the school uniforms, business uniforms, team caps, team shirts, promotional t-shirts, etc. Most of the people in Arlington prefer embroidered designs because of their quality and value. Apart from that, embroidered designs can be created with a variety of colors that can help to draw the attention of people.

Embroidered apparel always gives a professional appearance, and it can be laundered or washed as like the other garments. Due to these advantages, embroidery designs are mostly preferred in Dallas.

Are You Looking for Custom Embroidered Products?

 Fansidea is here to help businesses like yours grow, and we are proud to offer a full range of custom printed and embroidered products that can help your business make a great impression. We work with businesses in every industry to find compelling solutions to their printing and mailing needs, and we look forward to earning your business, sports game, and events.

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