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Take Care Of Your Baseball Partner—Your Bat!

February 25, 2022 2 min read

Take Care Of Your Baseball Partner—Your Bat!

There’s nothing like stepping up to the plate with a wood bat in your hands. The feel of grain and pine tar is a traditional, timeless expression of baseball’s bold, rugged nature. The distinct “crack” as the barrel meets the ball is unlike anything in sports — the sound that has defined the game for well over a century.

Hitting with a wood bat can help players develop better mechanics. While metal bats are used in league play almost exclusively up through the collegiate level, it’s a good idea for players to get familiar with wood. Consider having your young player take batting practice with wood, or get them involved in an off-season wood bat league.

Wood bats tend to be heavier than metal bats, so by using wood players will actually develop more of the muscles required to become an elite hitter. Wood bats also have a smaller “sweet spot,” meaning hitters will learn to develop a more precise swing in order to hit the ball as far as possible.

Now You just purchased a great piece of craftsmanship, and you are ready to take her to the park for some serious hacks. Before you do that, you must realize that you are going to work with a bat made by nature. And if you want to keep utilizing those great features of your top-quality bat, you have to be nice and take care of your baseball bat. So, try to keep these rules in mind:

All baseball bats will break if not taken good care of!

  • Use your game bat only in games. Have a similar bat that you use for batting practice.
  • Hit with the brand label up, or down. The grains of the bat are the strongest in that direction. Take time to figure out on which side of the bat you are hitting the balls and adjust if necessary!
  • Avoid hitting in the rain, try to keep your bat dry.
  • Do not leave your bat in extremely cold or hot conditions. And keep it out of the sun as much as possible. It will degrade much faster.

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