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April 15, 2022 3 min read

Make It Personal: Why Do We Choose Custom Clothing?

Custom clothing can not only include measuring clothing but also include the clothing by custom design graphic printing at the same time. You can choose your color and size.

Everyone's clothes will be custom-designed in the future with a unique outlook and style. When you wear a dress or a jersey, you wear your personality. Whatever we wear is an extension of our characters.

As every individual has got a distinct body shape and structure, customized clothing items such as custom sublimated jerseys are growing in popularity.

The advantages of custom sportswear and accessories are that each item is fitted to the individual, both physically and stylistically. Fansidea puts its own spin on the classics, highlighting elements that are considered personality and guaranteeing a product that is both effortless and luxurious in look and feel. is an expert when it comes to all custom sportswear and embroidering. We offer a significant amount of convenience and flexibility for people ranging from the size small to the size 7XL. While keeping up with the trends, we can maintain the exquisite and traditional craftsmanship we are known for and have practiced for years.

The process of ordering a custom-made jersey is simple and more relaxed at our online shop compared to spending hours walking around the shops not knowing what color, fabric, or style suits you best.

You will no longer become frustrated when finding off-the-peg jerseys that you love but are not available in your size or returning jerseys to stores that do not fit when tried on at home saving you valuable time.


Custom-made jerseys are made to last due to the high-quality fabrics used and exceptional craftsmanship. They are well worth the investment, as they last considerably longer.

Therefore, you will not need to get any repairs done or rush out and buy a new jersey off the rack each week, month or year saving you considerable money in the long term!

Superior Fit

Custom-made jerseys allow you to achieve a ‘perfect fit as they are designed to fit your own personal body measurements. Therefore, you will look more stylish/sharper and are more likely to wear a custom-made jersey more often as it will flatter your body shape.

Ease & Comfort

As custom-made jerseys are designed to fit your own unique body measurements they will be more comfortable to wear than a ready-to-wear garment. Higher comfort levels mean a better fit, comfort, and ability to go about your daily life with ease, as you will have increased confidence!

In comparison, an extremely tight or loose jersey will not look good which makes you feel uncomfortable, unhappy, and frustrated. This could result in damaging your self-esteem. If you feel confident because you look great then you may create a better first impression, which may lead to new benefits and opportunities.

Express Individual Style

A really great benefit of ordering custom-made jerseys is that you get to be part of the creative and design process! Most importantly you can choose the particular color, logo, or number, and embroider of your choice to suit your own unique personality.

When ordering a custom-made jersey, you can choose the style that will suit your face shape and where your jersey will be worn (e.g. work, informal and formal occasions).

This free service is unlikely to be required if you carefully read our ‘size chart’ before entering your measurements. If you have any questions about our online made-to-measure jerseys service, please contact us before placing your order.



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