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November 10, 2022 4 min read

How to celebrate Christmas

Looking for some Christmas traditions to do with your family? Here are things that we love to do to make memories with ours.

As a family, we love to try out new traditions each year, and many times they have become some of our favorite Christmas traditions. A fun tradition that most people participate in is adding Christmas lights onto your house, and on your Christmas tree.

As a family, we decided that the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit would be to gather the whole family and drink hot cocoa while driving around looking at the neighbor’s lights. In the United States, it is very common for all houses to be lit up. We do this every Christmas Eve, and it has become my favorite of all our Christmas Eve traditions.

Many houses are covered in candy canes, while others showcase the nativity scene. Most houses just have simple lights on their roofs, but it is so much fun to see the fancy decorations! We have noticed that many of the houses that are heavily decorated have new additions each year. It is fun for the kids (and adults alike!) to point out the new decorations.


Note: The design, font, and style of each of our product display pictures are real jersey renderings, what you see is what you get, so it is recommended that you choose the style and font you like.

One day I hope to have a house that is decadently decorated that can bring other families joy as well as my own. But for now, our simple Christmas lights are perfect.

That was just an example of one of my favorite traditions. So now here are 25 of our favorite family Christmas traditions that we hope will give you ideas to make memories with your own family.

Check out a local light display.

Most cities have a light display in the city park or down the main street!

You can even stay in your car and drive through them if it is too cold outside. I remember doing this during my childhood and it was always a great time.

I love to bring a thermos of warm cider that we drink as we drive around and look at the lights in our Christmas pajamas.

Pick out a new ornament for each child.

I love to take my kids to the store (we usually go to Target or Hobby Lobby or even Dollar Tree because you can get an ornament for $1-$4) and let them pick an ornament for that year. These special ornaments are one of the best ways to make your kids feel included during the Christmas holidays.

Sometimes it represents something they have loved that year (soccer, guitar, friends, etc.) and sometimes it’s just an ornament that they saw and loved.

Every year my kids love to put “their ornaments” on the tree that they have picked over the years.

Angel Tree

There are so many great causes to get involved in during the holidays and this is one of our favorites.

Many local stores have an angel tree where they give information about a child in need and you then purchase presents for the “angel” you choose from the tree. You can choose a small gift or a big gift, but regardless this is one of the best ways to show your children that giving to others is important.

Make Christmas Candy for someone else

Our Crock Pot Nut Clusters are so easy to make and make enough to supply all your neighbors with a special treat! Some of the best gifts are homemade and you can spend quality time baking with your family.

This is also a great treat to take to firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, and all those people who work tirelessly year-round to serve our community.

They are also a great treat to ship to someone serving in our Armed Forces because they can last for a little while!

Call Santa and leave him a message!

Gone are the days of writing a letter – now you can call Santa’s hotline and hear a message straight from him (with a reminder to listen to your parents!) and leave him a message about what you are asking for this year.

To contact Santa Claus, you can call (951) 262-3062 and be immediately directed to his “personal hotline.”

This has been so fun for the kids!

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