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July 29, 2022 3 min read

What education means to us

Ahhh summer break, that magical time of year every teacher thinks about during the stressful moments of the school year. Summer is the time of year that both teachers and students alike, take some much-needed time to relax, recharge, and get ready for the next school year.

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Somehow, summer break always seems to fly by faster and faster as the years go on! By the time you get used to your summer schedule or routine with the family, it’s time to get back into work mode again. The beginning of every school year can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Here are some things you can do to get ready for back to school.

Most of us have grown up being taught the importance of education. But why is education important? Through your frustrating school years, you may have thought that it was a waste of time or was just something that you needed to do to get a job. Truth be told; however, education goes so much beyond just getting a job and making your parents happy. It’s one of the most powerful tools out there.

What is Education?

Education is the medium that gives us the skills, techniques, information, and knowledge to know, understand and respect the duties we have towards our society, families, and the nation. Therefore, the magnitude of the importance of education in life is huge as well as multifold.  The importance of education in life is that it helps everyone develop a good perspective of looking at the world and our society. Education helps us in getting new ideas and exploring new ideas.

Education means studying to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects to be applied to daily life. Education is not limited to just knowledge from books but can also be obtained through practical experiences outside of the classroom.

Importance of Education

Education helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence in life. It can help you improve your career and your personal growth. An educated person can become a great citizen of society. It helps you to take the right decisions in life.

The modern, developed, and industrialized world is running on the wheels of education. To be able to survive in the competitive world, we all need education as a torch that leads the way.

There are many different understandings and definitions of what education is, but one thing can be universally agreed upon, which is the importance of education — and here’s why.

Importance of Education: Understanding our Responsibilities

Uneducated individuals can never be fully aware of their responsibilities towards each other as human beings and the world. As human beings, we must give back to the society we live in and make it a better place to live for everybody. Proper education teaches an individual to think beyond their own personal interests and helps them in developing an ability to make the world a happier, safer place for the next generation.

Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning

Distance learning, adult education, and online education are all incremental steps toward highlighting the importance of education. With the growing need for access to quality education at one’s ease and comfort, many top colleges around the globe have included degree and non-degree study programs as part of their course offerings. Now, not only one can take topic-specific courses online but major degrees such as bachelor’s and masters can also be taken at one’s own pace. Further, a huge number of degrees have no restrictions related to age and background as well.

Education is a process of expediting learning and acquiring knowledge, values, and virtue. It contributes to the development of better people around the globe. It is more of an enduring method in which people gain information, skills, and ethics.

There is a narrow line that runs between learning and education. We learn from everything we come across, from birth to death. On the contrary, we get educated at a certain point in our life with imparted knowledge. Our learning evolves with personal experience, which bears no rules, whereas schools or universities impart education based on standards. The standards are clear and measurable goals drawn on skills and knowledge that children must obtain. These skills prepare the children for the future, work, and life.

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